Parents’ Association

Dunboyne Junior & Senior Primary School Parents’ Association

The Role of Parents,

At Dunboyne Junior Primary School, we recognise the crucial and valuable role that parents play in the education of their children. Parents are the primary educators of their children, and have a vital role to play in the partnership between home and school. School also relies heavily on the support and co-operation of parents in the education of their children. Effective communication between home and school is crucial for the ongoing development and educational success of children. We value our parents and in turn ask our parents to support us in the education of their children.

Parents’ Association

The purpose of the Parents’ Association (PA) is to provide a structure through which the parents/ guardians of pupils of Dunboyne Junior Primary School can work together for the best possible education for their children. The PA will work in co-operation with the Board of Management, Principal, teachers and students in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1998.

The aims and objectives of the Parents’ Association of Dunboyne Junior Primary School are as follows:

  • The Parents’ Association hopes to help all parents feel they have a part to play in the school and a contribution in helping to make their child’s years in the school a positive time in their life.
  • To represent the interests and views of parents of children attending the school. To inform parents of developments in Education and in Dunboyne Junior Primary School.
  • To foster cooperation and promote good relationships between parents and the Principal, Teachers and Board of Management.
  • To help with the provision of extra equipment and teaching aids through fund-raising events.

At the beginning of each academic year there is an AGM of the Parents’ Association. New parents are actively encouraged to join (all parents are automatically members, and new parents to the school are most welcome). As a member of the association you can contribute to discussions at the AGM, assist in events, organise events, participate in the committee.

The Parents’ Association represents both Dunboyne Junior and Senior Primary Schools. Our purpose is to work with parents/guardians, teachers, Principals, staff and Boards of Management to organise fundraising and fun events for the school. It is a great way to get involved, meet other parents and understand all that goes on in the school. We are always looking for new members/helpers, if you think you may be interested and would like more information, please contact any of the below members.

The following parents were elected to Dunboyne Junior and Senior School Parents’ Association for 2022–2023.


Chairperson – Joanne Devlin

Vice Chairperson – Emma Dwyer

Secretary – Becky Piccolo

Treasurer – Linda McFeely

Committee Members

  • Alison Manning
  • Aneta Chacala
  • Andrea Shaw
  • Carol Dillon
  • Claire Mulvey
  • Dee Cunningham
  • Deirdre McNicholas
  • Deirdre O’Carroll
  • Denise Kenerney
  • Elaine Vella
  • Jessica Nock
  • Karen Gunning
  • Kayleigh Coppola
  • Laura Carolan (Senior School Board of Management also)
  • Martha Sutton
  • Olwyn Walsh
  • Richie Kerins
  • RuthO’Connor (Junior School Board of Management also)
  • Shane Pollard
  • Siobhan Murphy
  • Thomas Curran

You can access Dunboyne Senior and Junior Primary School Parents Association Facebook page here.